What Naturals Love Annual Hair & Fashion Show in Brooklyn

What Naturals Love Annual Hair & Fashion Show in Brooklyn

(Brooklyn, NY) - What Naturals Love is proud to announce the upcoming What Naturals Love Hair and Fashion Show, taking place on August 27th at 2 pm. This year's theme is "Equal Hair Rights," highlighting the fact that in 2023, Black people still do not have the basic human right to wear their natural hair, resulting in Black women suffering from the highest hair loss rates among all ethnic groups.

The event is a celebration of natural hair, locs, and Diaspora fashion, showcasing self-love and empowerment. Founder Mireile Liong, a natural hair advocate for nearly 20 years, emphasizes that the show is more than just a display of beautiful hairstyles and fashion. The show celebrates the increasing number of women choosing to go natural, as well as the recent passage of the Crown Act in 18 states, making hair discrimination illegal.


Flat Twists Natural Hair Style by Adenike

Flat Twists Updo - Hairstyle by Adenike

The show also celebrates the thriving natural hair community, thanks to the tireless creativity and perseverance of talented hairstylists who have rejected societal norms that go against the very nature of Black hair texture.


The fashion show will feature iconic pieces from the Moroccan Magic Dress that went viral with 1 million views to the African Pantsuits from What Naturals Love.com. 

The What Naturals Love Hair and Fashion Show is open to all who want to celebrate natural hair and fashion. 

Models, locticians, natural hairstylists, and vendors who want to participate in the show are encouraged to get in touch. Click to contact us. 

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About What Naturals Love

WhatNaturalsLove.com is a blog and shop that advocates for equal hair rights. We offer hair care solutions that allow natural hair and locs to flourish, fashion that empowers individuals on a journey of self-love, and exhibitions showcasing the beauty of natural hair. For more information about What Naturals Love and the What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show, please visit WhatNaturalsLove.com.

Contact: Mia Press
(908) 962-7605

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