What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show

The 1st What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show at TAMA Fest

The Banamba Dance performed by Vernonique Jeroe. The pangi wrapped around her waist are available at Pangi from the Maroons.

On August 17 we celebrated the 15th anniversary of going-natural.com with a hair and fashion show to officially launch What Naturals Love dot com, your blog and shop for hair and fashion.

As the longest running natural hair blog, I also had to give homage to the stylists, loctitians and braiders who kept our follicles happy, healthy and stylish, long before natural hair became an online sensation. Without them there wouldn't be a going-natural.com, natural hair influencers and ultimately no WhatNaturalsLove.com.

The show was part of TAMA Fest, a summer festival by theTompkins Avenue Merchant Association

The Show making history by celebrating history

Veronique Jeroe, a descendant from the maroons in Suriname, opened the show with a traditional belly dance named the Banamba. It is the dance that allowed enslaved to start maroon communities in Suriname.

During slavery the Banamba was performed by women to distract plantation owners so that enslaved men could flee with tools and food into the jungle where upon till today maroon communities reside.

As far as I know, we created history as it was the first time that this dance from Suriname was ever performed on a stage in the US. What a great opening it was. The stage was literally set to start the show.

It was a colorful spectacle created by five natural hairstylists, 18 models who graced the big stage on Tompkins ave entertaining an admiring TamaFest crowd.


A celebration is not complete without giveaways. So naturally during the show there were a few giveaways; the Moroccan Magic dress, the best selling dress on the web and a satin bonnet.

Silky bonnets for natural hair and Locs

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A beautiful sexy bonnet is about every woman's dream and probably also many men€™s. Two models Moreen and Veronique demonstrated live on the catwalk that you can look cute wearing a satin bonnet. So in the hope that it€™s the end of elastic shower cap looking bonnets, I choose this as a giveaway.

For my online audience who couldn't make the show, please use the code 50%off to get the bonnet for half the price or click to order now. It's this week only!

The winner of the satin bonnet was Constina Howley and the winner of the Moroccan Magic Dress was Kokie Childers. Make sure you stay tuned as more giveaways are coming!

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Renate Jeroe

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Amber Jade Hare-Bey @mommyempowered
Veronique Jeroe

Models: Moreen Dors (International model from Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Dawn Rowe, Herlema Owens, Michelle, Amanda, Dyme Smith (Owner of Jaded Braids), Chanice Vance, Natiesha, Krystal Francis, Nijah,
Trish, Khaelle Pierre, Aissata Bocoum, Vernonique, Racheal Shaw, Lovelin Morfaw, Angelica, Amber-Jade, Mitch El-Previon