Hi and welcome to my new Marketplace!

As a Social Web Entrepreneur who traveled the world, I had no choice but to expand the Going-Natural.com store to a marketplace that represents the incomparable Diaspora.

Creative souls, from the streets of Brooklyn to the beaches of Guadeloupe, from the city of Paris to the lanes of Paramaribo, motivated me to build this marketplace to display their amazing craft to a worldwide audience. WhatNaturalsLove.com doesn't only give these designers a chance to expand beyond their borders, it allows you to support our worldwide growing community by buying directly from them.

Read more about how you can sell on WhatNaturalsLove.com.

This all greatly comes together at the 10th anniversary of America's Next Natural Model, an online pageant to promote natural hair, Black (hair) businesses and the Diaspora.

The contestants of the online pageant will not only feature What-Naturals-Love.com items, the winner of America's Next Natural Model 2018 gets a photo shoot in the beautiful Feng Shui Garden in Suriname, the greenest country on the planet! The trip to this tropical country in South-America in the middle of the Guyana's, is included, sponsored by SLM, Suriname's National Carrier.

Read more about America's Next Natural Model.

This is only the beginning of what we have in store for you. So please stay tuned! 

In the mean time don't be shy to order while we keep building and expanding the marketplace and please generously like, spread and share the word!

Grantangi! Mireille Liong
(Big thanks in Surinamese language)