Grow your hair with WNL #WNLGrowHair

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The products I used througout my journey are in the section: Hair Growth Products for natural hair, braids and locs 

I never had a problem growing my hair. So instead of keep answering the most frequently asked question of 'How can I grow my hair (back)', I put together a program in which I share my knowledge to help grow your hair.

Everything I learned throughout my journey, I will share with you. 

This program starts with a consultation to setup a personal program for you. The consultation will be followed up with monthly meetings to measure your progress and you will receive free hair growth products every other month.  

The fee for the consultation is $50. The monthly fee to join the meetings and free products is $25 a month. So here is what you'll get:

  1. A consult.
  2. A personal program to start growing your hair healthy.
  3. Free products every other month.
  4. Monthly meetings.

To schedule a consultation, make a payment at Hair consultation.

If you just want to receive hair growth products join the Free Hair Growth Products membership.



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