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Natural Hair 
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We Sell: items that standout in UNIQUENESS, DESIGN and QUALITY by companies that excel in CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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We know the Customers, You have the products
With a mailing list of 20,000, plus 80,000 members, followers and fans, we know how to reach your customers. Besides 59,000+ followers on facebook, we also have our own social web and networking site; and with over 36,000 verified members.

We Drop Ship!
If you have unique, high quality products that stand out and your company excels in customer service, we like to drop ship for you.


What is Drop Shipping?
Your products will be listed in our store, so our 100,000 customers, members and followers can browse, like, share and purchase them.


We Sell - We Pay - You Ship - You Profit


When there is a sale, we pay you the wholesale price of your items + shipping and send you a label to ship the order.

Our Store beats the statistics!
With our Social Media following and expertise, we started in the top 7% of stores that launched the same week. In only a couple of months we went to the top 5% and then top 4%. We just beat all the statistics and you can benefit. 

Fees $99 per year

  • Your product listing on our marketplace; this includes
    our service to add your products to our catalog for you.
  • An announcement in our Newsletter about your products.
  • A Facebook live video session to introduce your products to our followers on our facebook page where our video went viral.

Contact: Mireille Liong | (+1) 347.422.6139