The Real Life Models of

We are proud to say that we use real people to review our products and tell us what they think. Every day people, just like you and me, are the real life models we look for to sample not just our natural hair care products but also our Black beauty products and even the naturalista stuff from the Diaspora. Here are a few examples. 

Moroccan Magic Dress

Amazed by what this dress could do, I recorded this wonderful vendor demonstrating her Moroccan Magic Dress at the African Festival in Brooklyn. After sharing the video on facebook it went viral with 5 million views and the Moroccan Magic Dress sold out! Luckily, it's back in stock! Click to order the Moroccan Magic Dress.

The No More Knots detangler

My friend used to untangle her hair with her fingers. Even though she is very patient with her hair, I thought it took too much time and gave her a No More Knots. You can see the results.   

While on the island of Curacao this wonderful lady loved this beaded ponytail holder so much that I had to record it with my phone. See our latest ponytail holders and cuffs.

We didn't prepare for this at all but it's always great to see what kind of style a super stylists like Adenike Parker will come up with. She didn't disappoint. This is all real 4C hair, the style created with the Going Natural Hair Care products.

This was a demonstration planned at our local supermarket to promote the Going Natural hair products. I just had to film how sweet, beautiful and care free this girl let Adenike do her hair. 

Inspired by all of these people around the world, I we set up a program for people like you who want to demonstrate, try and review our products. You don't need to be a celebrity or have a large following. Click to join the program