One of a kind Handmade Earrings from Suriname

One of a kind Handmade Earrings from Suriname

Handmade Angisa Earrings Angisa Earrings - Pangi Headwrap

They are called Angisa earrings because they are miniature Angisas. Angisas are Surinames headwraps with a name and a meaning. They carry the history of creole women in Suriname who developed a secret language creating these head wraps dating back to slavery times.

Angisa head wrap earring


Angisa Let them talk
A woman wearing a double tied Feda an Angisa

Free Black women would tie their head scarfs a certain way as an act of resistance but also to secretly meet on the corner or to tell people to back off. At the same time, the Angisa head wraps were also a representation of the times.

While Baka Oto which means €œThe back of a car€� was inspired by the first car that drove around in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, the Let them talk and Meet me on the corner Angisas date back to the 1800€™s before slavery was abolished.

First lady of Suriname with a koto and Angisa
3rd from left: Former First Lady of Suriname Liesbeth Venetiaan wearing a Miss de Neef Angisa.

Today the traditional Angisas are mainly worn on national holidays like Keti Koti, emancipation of slavery and Manspasi, independence day in Suriname.

Still, folding Angisas remains a true art. I can only imagine how skilled one has to be to fold not 90 by 90 cm but about 4 cm of fabric into these little earrings.

The great thing about it is that now we can wear these colorful, fun, history carrying head wraps as earrings. I was super exited from the minute I saw them and that is why I like to offer them as a gift.

Angisa earrings meet me on the corner
Angisa Earrings - Meet me on the corner. Left means left corner, right would mean right corner.

The giveaway is over but you can order at Angisa Earrings.

More about angisas and traditional Surinamese outfits.

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