Bantu knots on Braidlocs Dreadlocks style for the holidays

How to do Bantu Knot Curls on Locs

Bantu Knots on Locs 

One of the great things about natural hair is the incredible versatility. African strands are the only hair type that allow you to dramatically change your look without the need for a cut, color, chemicals or extensions. Think about it.

The versatility of Locs

You only need a 4 inch fro to go from perfectly coiled antennas to bantu knots that proudly stand out and make people wonder what you did with your hair. Or, create a wondrous myriad of flat twists or cornrows that will turn heads with the same 4 inches of natural strands. No cut, no coloring, no extra hair or chemicals are needed for any of these dramatic style changes. 

The notion that natural hair and locs offer limited styling options stems from the idea that Black people have bad hair. An idea based on the norms and behavior of straight hair which is inconceivably wrong because these two hair types couldn’t be more different. 

Basin to Detox Dreadlocks
Soaked my locs in this Basin to Detox Locs

African strands grow out of an oval shaped follicle produced by a dominant gene. Straight hair comes from round follicles produced by recessive genes. That is why these hair types are completely different not just in looks but also in behavior. It is the reason why African hair naturally holds braids and cornrows but straight hair doesn’t. 

If we could only stop seeing hair through the lens of straight hair we would realize that in fact, natural hairstyling is only limited to one’s imagination. Here is just one example.

The origins of Bantu Knots

Originated in Africa BCE, Bantu knots have been popularized by the natural hair movement that was fuelled by social media. These twisted knots can be done on any kind of Afrocentric hair type. From 3A to 4C from traditional Locs to Sisterlocks. It can also be done on straight hair but you would likely need to secure the knot with either pins or bands. 

The coiled knots in and on itself are fierce allowing facial features to fabulously come to their right. Creative parting only add another dimension to a Bantu Knots hairstyle. Yet, the greatest thing about Bantu Knots is that when you take them out you can rock a completely different hairstyle that is very curly. 

Now, after the Loc Curlers and Macaroon rollers, I decided to do bantu curls again for a change. The advantage of bantu curls is that you can wear bantu knots out as a style. As much as I like the macaroon rollers and the Loc curlers they are not a style I would recommend wearing outside of the house. 

Using the Loc Glove to dry my Locs

So, after washing my hair, it dried up before I could do the bantus so I had to spray my locs before making bantu knots. That is what happens when you use the Loc Glove. It doesn't only help with shine, it also absorbs water out of your locs so your hair dries super fast. 

Loc glove Demo

Click for Loc Glove 

I created medium knots but just so you know the smaller you make the bantus, the curlier your hair will come out. Making the bantus smaller is just a matter of using less locs/hair for one bantu knot. 

I wore the bantus for a couple of days so my hair was completely dry but my style came out less curly than I expected. It might have been because my hair was already dried up and I didn’t spray it well enough when I created the bantus. Another reason could be that my hair is longer now and the longer your hair, the more it weighs the locs down. 

I was not unhappy with the outcome though. Rocking the bantus felt nice and fresh. My scalp enjoyed the weather. After I took them out, it was a lot different than the straight locs. My hair was still nice, curly and full.

I hope you learned something and enjoyed the video. Please let me know, what style will you rock for valentine, a date or any other special ocassion? 

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