African Infinity Multi Wear Magic Dress

"Shop the Look": A Convertible Maxi Dress Paired with Complimentary Golden Accessories

Don't know what to wear for your next event? Need inspiration to show up at your next reunion, reception or just want to impress your next date? Take a look at this outfit. We got you from head to toe.

Convertible, Infinity Maxi Dress

The convertible maxi dress, also called the infinity dress, will give you plenty options to choose from and that for the price of only one dress. The dress has a high split and offers endlessly versatility. From off shoulder to crisscross in the back or the front, the tails of this dress are long enough so you can tie it the way you want to be perceived. From sexy to seductive and present it really depends on your mood and the ways you can change up the styles is only limited to your imagination.

Necklace, earrings and cuffs to match your style

Red and gold is a pristine combination that you can never go wrong with. So, add a pair of golden Fulani earrings so that when people look up from that beautiful dress, they can keep staring and meet your eyes framed by shiny golden earrings that add a little bit of royal sassy flair to your appearance.

Want something a little different, check out our selection of earrings to choose what you see fit to compliment the Convertible Maxi Dress.

Now the Outstanding golden Oval chocker necklace is eye-catching in and on itself. The oval piece gives every pair of neck and shoulders a stately posture to be admired by everyone it is surrounded by.

We are finishing this look with the adjustable classic cuff. This timeless piece looks good gracing your wrist as well as your ponytail whether you have locs, curly hair, an Afro, braids or even wear your hair straight. Your hair is your crown, no need for your ponytail to be ordinary.  

Hair Care for Locs

In case you wonder about our model, Moreen's beautiful locs. She started locing her hair with braids in 2018. The model who resides in Almere, the Netherlands, has been using the loc glove regularly to reduce frizz, prevent buildup and get her locs to shine.

The Cryotherapy roller has also become one of her staples. She uses it before and after every retie but also before going to bed as well as on hot summer days to cool off her scalp.


To sum it all up, the convertible dress comes in different colors and also sizes from small to extra-large. The maxi dress falls a bit large so please follow the chart.

If you prefer another color or a more traditional African print, please check the varieties of the infinity maxi dress; all you have to do is choose your favorite color.

The Fulani earrings are on sale for $19.99 and the necklace for $24.99. If you order everything together you get an extra 10% off with the code: ShoptheLook10.


Outstanding oval necklace gold Ancient-cuff for locs Fulani Earrings 


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