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What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show
Photo taken at the What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show, Bedstuy Brooklyn 2019

What Naturals Love was born out of a passion for African strands as well as to address the needs and care of a hair type that was stereotyped into submission. 

As the need progressed for creators of Diaspora descent, I answered the call and expanded creating this marketplace for hair and fashion.

So, with WhatNaturalsLove.com I aim to fill our world's UNIQUE needs with items that standout in QUALITY and DESIGN by ONE-OF-A-KIND CREATORS because that is What-Naturals-Love! 

Our annual What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion show offers a stage to promote the beauty of natural hair and features Diaspora fashion and you of course, are invited. Just place your order, or make sure you subscribe, so we can keep you posted.

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Now, I wish you a wonderful shopping experience and hope to serve you on the regular.  As they say in Surinamese 'Tan bun" which means Be Well.

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Mireille Liong
Founder of WhatNaturalsLove.com